Believe it or not, in online marketing, the top marketers are using PLR all the time.

They just don’t advertise it.

Private Label Rights (PLR) is content you can use as you own. You can use it just as it is or modifies it.

And you get to claim authorship – hence, the name ‘private’ label rights.

Now then, you should know that you can repurpose PLR, most of it anyway.  Make sure you check your license.

Here are some ideas for using PLR to grow your business.

Create a PLR Folder1: Create Folders for Your PLR

Create a folder where you put all your PLR. This way, when you need content in a hurry, you know exactly where to find it.  It can be on an external drive and even in multiple folders so you can sort through it easier.

This has saved me countless hours and kept me from losing my PLR.

Before I had a PLR folder, I bought PLR products and then forget about it. When I wanted to use it, I had to waste time searching for it.

Even worse, I forget what I had purchased until months later.  I would only find it when I was going through all my files and stumble across it.

2: Take Inventory, Sort, and Categorize it

When you get a PLR package, make sure to review what’s inside. Determine how you want to use what you have.  Keep a record of it so you can refer back to it later.

You are not going to use every piece right away, but with an inventory of the contents, you can find what you need quickly.

Tag the content as you see it.  I use different folders now to make it easier to know what I intend to use if for.

A: Top Shelf – this is the PLR you’re going to use as a product to sell. You may have a well-written eBook you will sell as an initial offer, and then use it to create a video or audio version to use for your upsell.

B: Lead Magnet – this is content you will use to generate leads.

For example, you have an article on traffic generation that you post on your blog.

In the blog post, you place an offer for a free eBook on your best traffic generation tips.  Of course, they will have to opt-in to receive the eBook.

This eBook is created from your private label rights inventory, saving you time and money.

You could make a custom lead magnet for each blog post or article you write. If you are using PLR, it won’t take you long at all.

By doing this your conversion rates will go up and you can segment your audience so you can speak to that which they are most interested in.

If you did all of this without using private label rights materials, it would take you forever. Or it could cost you hundreds even thousands to outsource it.

C: Blog Content – To get established you have to publish regularly to Facebook, Instagram, your blog, YouTube and so on. That’s a lot of work and who has the time.

But by using PLR for at least some of it, you will save time and effort.

D: Bonuses – If you’re selling products, your products or affiliate products you can use PLR to create bonuses, so you make more sales.

Add Pictures3: Add or Change Pictures

This is so easy to do and yet most marketers don’t do it. Maybe you have a 5,000-word eBook. It could be 25-30 pages long or more.

If there are pictures, you can change them out, but more than likely there are no pictures. In that case, add pictures throughout the eBook and create a cover for the eBook.

Yes, I know it’s the same amount of words, but breaking the content up with great pictures or graphics does make it more interesting and fun for the consumer.

Why is this important? You want your prospects and customers to CONSUME your information.

4: Record the Information

If you’ve purchased rights to written content, consider making a video or audio recording of the content. This way you can offer this as a product upsell.

Some people like to read, but others like to listen to things as they drive to and from work, exercise and so forth.

By offering different versions, you are making your customers happy and making more money, too.

You can record this audio version yourself or hire someone to make the recording for you.

Either way, you are offering more, and this will make you different than your competition.

5: Blog Posting with Less Work

Use PLR to add new posts to your blog. Ideally, you’d write your posts. But if you don’t have the time, it’s far better to use PLR than to have a blog that looks dead.

Here’s a tip for using PLR in your blogs: Add your introduction to each blog post, to make it more your own. While it might have taken you 1 to 3 hours to research and write a blog post from scratch, simply writing your introduction will likely take just a few minutes.

At a loss for what to write in your intro? Simply tell your own personal (and related) story that introduces the post. Everyone loves a good story, and people are much more likely to read your post if it begins with an engaging tale.

Also, you can schedule your blog posts ahead of time, scheduling them to appear each day or each week. Your virtual assistant can do this for you.

6: Add Modules in Larger Training Courses

Are you building higher ticket courses, live events and so forth? Or do you do coaching? You might want to use PLR to build certain chapters, modules or aspects of your course.

For example, if you have 10 modules for your course, some of those modules might be done with PLR.

A friend of mine is creating a course as I write this. One of his modules is on how to use AdWords, but he’s not an AdWords expert. So, what he did was the search for the best and most up to date PLR course available that covered AdWords, and he bought the rights to give it to his students.

And he didn’t even pass it off as his own. Instead, he’s telling his students that he’s not an expert, which is why he bought the rights for them to be able to have the course.

I think his students are going to love this since it’s a much more thorough training than he could give on the topic.

7: Creating and Updating Membership Sites

Would you like to make a sale once and get paid over and over again?

Start a membership site, and then keep your members happy with plenty of valuable, useable content.

The problem with this model, of course, is the continual need for more content.

But if you’re using high-quality PLR, the problem practically takes care of itself.

You can even schedule content ahead of time and let it drip feed on a daily or weekly basis.

Viral Videos8: Establish Trust Using Videos

You’ve heard that people do business with people they know, like and trust. But how do you establish trust with your subscribers?

One way to create short, simple videos they can watch online. Take a PLR article that contains some great info – for example, “3 easy ways to do ___”

Extract some bullet points or phrases from the article and make them into a slide deck.

Make a video reading the article and showing the appropriate slides as you go through.

When you’re introducing the article, you show the “title” slide. When you’re talking about the first tip, you show that slide and so forth.

Once you’ve done this, create a short introductory type of video using your smartphone for “personal branding.” Simply introduce what the video is about and the benefit the viewer gets from watching. Add this intro to the beginning of your video.

Why go to the trouble of doing all this? Because then people get to SEE you. They get to HEAR from you. And you’re delivering great content – content they can USE to get a RESULT.

If you do this correctly, they’re thinking… “If this is what s/he gives away for FREE, what’s in their paid products? They must be fantastic!”

They’re also getting to know you, at least a little bit. And you become memorable to them.

Imagine 10 different marketers are vying for the attention of the same customers through email.

ONE of those 10 marketers shows up in videos a couple of times a week with really helpful information. The subscribers get to see and hear this person.

The other 9 just send emails.

Who becomes the memorable, trusted authority? The one making and sharing the videos, of course.

And whose emails get opened and read the most often? Again, the one who’s making the videos.

You can publish these videos on your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so forth. People are going to associate your name and face with this great information, yet it only took you a few minutes to do this, thanks to using PLR.

This builds trust with prospects, regardless of whether you are selling products or services. For example, imagine if you’re selling coaching.

Maybe the coaching cost is $200 a month, or maybe it costs $2,000 a month. In either case, you need to establish trust before you can make the sale.

So, here’s Mary, and Mary doesn’t know you at all. When you try to sell her on your $2,000 coaching, do you think Mary will jump at the chance to give you her money? Not likely.

But what if Mary had seen a couple of dozen of your videos? What if something on 3 or 4 of those videos struck her and stuck with her – things she could apply in her life?

You get on an introductory call with her, and she says, “I feel like I already know you, because I’ve watched so many of your videos.”

Do you think you can sell some coaching for Mary now? You bet you can.

9: Create Authority Posts

Most blog posts tend to be fairly short, such as “3 Tips to Accomplish XYZ.”

But sometimes, you find a blog post that is so in-depth and comprehensive, it takes you by surprise and makes you wonder how it can even be free. That’s what you’re going for here, by creating an authority blogpost.

Typically, writing an authority post can take days of research, writing, and editing. But if you use PLR, you can do it in less than an hour. Here’s how:

Start with a core theme that includes multiple topics and use PLR articles or eBooks to cover the content.

For example, if your core theme is how to drive traffic, then you might gather together every piece of PLR you can find on all the various methods of driving traffic and consolidate it into one big post.

Then create multiple content formats – adding audio and even video. Try to cover every facet of your topic.

If you’re using articles, you’ll need to write transitions and do some light editing to make it all flow into one big blog post.

Or you can simply have your authority post divided into sections, with each section being another facet of your main topic, and also another PLR article.

10: Make Your Subscribers Extremely Loyal

Imagine if your subscribers are LOOKING for YOUR emails – and if they don’t receive an email, or they fall off your list, they are emailing YOU to get back on your list.

Here’s how to do it:

I have one person that I follow that has a weekly giveaway. It’s always related to the niche and offers some value.

Each week you can do this, just create a new page or modify the one you are using and rename it. Tell people about it on your blog and ask them to subscribe to receive the weekly gift.

Always change the URL. Leave each page up for 7 days and then take it down. This way someone can’t subscribe and then decide to pick up all the freebies two months down the road. They must open your emails to get the link.

To get your subscribers opening most every email you send to them, send out the freebie email on different days of the week so they never know which email it is.

This way they have to open and read them all to find the freebie.

Yes, it’s sneaky, and you may or may not want to do this. But if you use humor and let them know exactly why they never know which day it’s going to arrive; your subscribers will go along with the game. This game of hiding and seek or find the Easter egg can make your subscribers’ day.

You can also ‘hide’ the links deep inside your emails, such as in the middle, near the end or in the P.S. Again, change it up so they never know.

This is one of the most effective ways I’ve seen to get people opening and reading your emails. It’s like a treasure hunt, and everyone can win once a week – or more often if you sometimes post freebies twice a week.

It probably goes without saying but use PLR to create your freebies. After all, who has time to create them by hand?

11: Sell More Affiliate Products

This one is so simple, and yet it can be crazy effective. When you’re promoting an affiliate product, put together some bonuses created from PLR for everyone who purchases from your affiliate link.

This can not only help you make more sales but also help you to win affiliate contests, too.

And you can use bonuses made from PLR to promote your products, too.

12: Create an Autoresponder Series

You should be emailing your list either every day. The problem is how do you set aside time to write all those emails?

This is another great use for private label rights material. Just grab some great articles, news and use that in your autoresponder series.  You can use an eBook and turn it into a series of emails.  An email mini-course

Be sure to have a call to action in your emails. For example, you’re doing a series on marketing with social media, and you recommend a product on – you guessed it – marketing with social media.

Or you’re doing a series on how to be more confident and assertive, and you offer a product that teaches the same thing, only more in-depth.

Your emails don’t need to belong; they just need to deliver value. That value could be a piece of news, a method for getting a result, or even something that entertains.

Just make sure it’s on topics your readers what to hear about, and don’t forget to throw in your product recommendations.

Using PLR, you can create 365 autoresponder emails in just a few days and then be done with it.

13: Create Your Own Free or Paid Newsletter

I know plenty of people who earn a recurring income with a small monthly newsletter. And some of these folks don’t even write their newsletters – they use PLR.

I used a newsletter in my offline business to keep people informed about what was going on in the market.  I made hundreds of sales because of it.  Every month there was a contest that people would watch for and they would email me with their answer to see if they won.

You can subscribe to one that is being produced in your niche and offer to your subscribers. I can tell you that people love it and it will keep you top of mind.

Hopefully, you found some PLR ideas here that you hadn’t seen before.

Leave your comments below.



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