5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Do you wonder why you need to have a mentor?Why can’t I just watch a couple of YouTube videos and do it on my own?Good questions that we will explore in this article.

Which Path Do I Take

Which Path Do I Take?

Before we go into the reasons why having a mentor is so important, we should talk about which path we should take.

There are basically two ways to approach building an online business or any business for that matter.

Granted you could say there are more ways, but when you boil it down the two ways are striking out on your own and forging your way or you can seek support from someone else.

Namely a mentor, a person who has already gone thru the things that you are about to experience.

So, you can take the road less traveled or take the road to nowhere. The road less traveled in my opinion is the road that leads you to the promised land.

Going it alone as an Internet marketer can be an exciting and yet challenging endeavor.

This is the road that most new marketers take. Taking the path of having a mentor can help you in many different ways.

This is the road less traveled, but the one that will bear fruit.

Need a Mentor

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

As you continue to understand the paths ahead, if you are to succeed, then there is only one choice.

That choice is finding and working with a mentor.

One thing that you need to understand is that choosing a mentor is as important as the Niche you choose. Finding the right mentor will require research.

There are many good mentors, but not all will be right for you. Choose carefully and then follow their lead.

Here are 5 reasons why having a mentor from the start will make building your online business an easier and more fruitful adventure.

Learn from their Knowledge

One of the things that you have to consider when getting started is the learning curve.

Look, no one starts off as an expert. With a mentor you have the ability to tap into their knowledge and expertise.

This can be a huge impact and shorten your learning curve and your success. A mentor can and will provide you with guidance so that you can focus on the things that are most important.

When it comes to building a plan and setting goals, a mentor can assist you.

It seems that so many just getting started don’t realize the importance of building a plan and setting goals for their business.

This is a sure fire way of setting yourself up for failure.

Mentors Empower You

One of the great things about working with a mentor is their ability to empower you to do great work.

With their guidance comes a new level of motivation.

Your mission becomes clearer and you are able to focus on the important tasks that are needed.

This new found energy and helps to stimulate your growth and accelerates your success.

Consider your mentor as your personal cheerleader.

They are the ones that will help you thru those tough moments by cheering you on.

Mentors Can See What You Can’t

There will be times when you will run into trouble, but not be able to see why what you are doing isn’t working.

It’s at these moments that your mentor will be able to see things you can’t.

They can see the places you need to improve and then offer insight into where things went astray. We all have times when we will get distracted.

By working with a mentor, they will be our conscience and disciplinarian.

They will keep you focused and help you to avoid the distractions that will derail your progress.


  • What Path – Choose the right path to ensure your best chance of success
  • Choose a Mentor – Take time to research mentors before make a decision on who you work with
  • Learn From their Experience – Use their knowledge to your benefit
  • Empowerment – Take the advice of your mentor, allow them to empower you with their guidance
  • Use Their Vision – Your mentor will see the things you won’t, use that your advantage

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