Are you struggling with list building?

Building an email list is extremely important if,

your business is going to grow and prosper.


In this article you will find 50 List Building Giveaway Ideas...

Use them to build your email list and your business.

  • 1
    PDF Report
  • 2
    Audio Report
  • 3
    Video Presentation
  • 4
    Discount Coupon
  • 5
    Free Membership
  • 6
    Private Access to a Group
  • 7
    Tips for Your Niche
  • 8
    Helpful Tools
  • 9
    A Spreadsheet
  • 10
    Web Application access
  • 11
    A Physical Product
  • 12
    A Buying Guide
  • 13
    PLR Content
  • 14
    A Checklist
  • 15
    Free Preview
  • 16
    Public Domain Content
  • 17
    The Answer to a Question
  • 18
    a Free Course
  • 19
    A Rant
  • 20
    The Best of
  • 21
    A Recipe
  • 22
    a screencast
  • 23
    a Presentation
  • 24
    Reference Material
  • 25
    Mistakes to Avoid
  • 26
    An Interview
  • 27
    Live Webinar
  • 28
    Pre-Recorded Webinar
  • 29
  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
    Free App
  • 33
    Kindle Book
  • 34
  • 35
    Access to You
  • 36
    A Game
  • 37
    Content Access
  • 38
    Receive Posts
  • 39
    Deal Alerts
  • 40
    Random Giveaway
  • 41
    Member Only Event
  • 42
    Mystery Gift
  • 43
    An Opportunity
  • 44
    Something Unique
  • 45
    Something Useful
  • 46
    Fix it Tool
  • 47
    Recycled Content
  • 48
    Incomplete Content
  • 49
    a Song
  • 50

As you can see there are many different things that you can offer depending on your niche. 

People love getting things they can use that will help them with whatever they are dealing with. 

The key is to make sure that the giveaway is valuable and something that your audience wants and can put to use. 

Use this list to jar your thinking. You will find at least a few of these that will fit your market. 

Bonus Tips

  • 1
    Giveaway Reviews
  • 2
    Your personal story
  • 3
    a Demonstration


  • Use Giveaways for List Building
  • Giveaway something valuable and useful
  • Use Giveaway Methods that fit Your Niche

    6 replies to "50 List Building Giveaway Ideas"

    • Lainie

      Hi David,

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What a great concise list you’ve shared with us. I’ve normally just thought of a report or eBook never really thought of anything else.
      Keep up the good work – I love following your blog always lots of useful information. Thank you

      Lainie 🙂

      • David Wakeman

        Hello Lainie,

        Thanks for taking the time to read and respond on my post. I used to think the same way, then I started to recognize how many different ways we can offer value to our subscribers.

        I’m glad you found it useful.


    • Anthony

      Great post again David, and it’s a real thought starter. I’m really struggling with lead generation so I’m very grateful for ammunition you’ve given here to kick start some lead gen campaigns. Keep up the great work my friend! Best wishes, Anthony

      • David Wakeman

        Hello Anthony,

        Thanks for taking the time to read and offer your thoughts. I’m happy to know this can help you.

        Best to you,


    • Linda Tremer

      Thanks for the great ideas. I pretty much give away PDFs/eBooks. I am going to try using a quiz and see how that works. I think that might work well on Facebook.

      • David Wakeman

        Hello Linda,

        Thanks for your comments. I have used quizzes and they work great.

        Best Wishes,


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