8 Things You Can Do
to Get More Emails Opened

When I first got started online, many light years ago… it was easy to get emails opened. You could expect to get 50 to 60% of your emails opened.

People would read and respond. It was great, business and life was good, but it was a novelty then.


These days everyone's inbox is getting hammered with emails.

This is making it harder to get noticed and...

this means fewer of your emails being opened.

I've been doing research and testing to find what works.

8 things you can do to get more of your emails opened

1. Optimize your emails “from” field

Using a business name shows to be less effective than using a personal name. 

People prefer reading messages from people, not from businesses. 

With that being said...

combining the business name with a personal name does seem to work well.

This is especially true if the business name is either well recognized or implies a benefit. 

For example, 'Joe Smith, ProBlogger' would likely work well, as would 'Jane Smith, Traffic Tips.'

2. Optimize your “sender”
field with Symbols

You may have noticed that more emails are coming with symbols and emojis. 

I've seen marketers using symbols before and after my name in the 'from' field to make their emails stand out.

This is an effective way of having your email standout.

Experimenting with this, I have found that using them sparingly is more effective than using them in every email.

This does seem to make a small difference. For example, ~Joe Smith~ or 💯Joe Smith❗tends to be opened more often than Joe Smith.

3. Use a Attention Grabbing
Subject Lines

There have been entire products written on this topic.

Here are a few tips to consider:
  • Use a number: “3 Ways to Get Bigger Muscles in 7 Days”
  • Use curiosity: “The Fried Banana method to Younger Skin”
  • Write as if you're addressing a friend: “Hey” “What do you think?” “Okay?” “I told you he's crackers” “Last Sunday” “See You Tues” “Got it?”
  • State a big benefit: “Lose 10 lbs. in the next 30 days without going to the gym”
Personalize the subject line

4. Personalize the Subject Line 

Everything else being the same, personalizing the subject line can increase your click through rate.

People like to hear and see their name, even in an email.  Using their name in the subject line is an attention grabber. 

Just avoid doing it all the time.

Avoid using spam words

5. Avoid Using Spam Words

You don’t want to use ones like this: Cash, payment, money, credit, quote, etc.

These words will land you in the spam folder, and once there you are not going to get opens.

6. Optimize the preview text

6. Optimize Your Emails Preview Text

The first sentence or two of your emails will often be seen in the preview pane.

So make sure they are interesting,

relevant, and...

preferably curiosity provoking.

Make your emails entertaining

7. Make Your Emails Entertaining

The more entertaining and interesting your emails are,

the more likely your recipients will continue to open them.  

No one wants to read boring emails.

Email Often

8. Send Emails Often

Many new marketers are afraid to email too much, so they don’t email enough. It’s alright to email more than once a day.

Emailing 8-12 hours after you send your first email of the day is not a bad thing.

It’s OK to send emails to those who didn't open your first email.

Another approach is...

send the second email using a different Subject line.

Remember, if you only send an emails on occasion,

people will forget who you are.

Being in their inbox daily, is more likely that you will be recognized,

and your emails opened.

There is more to email marketing in our world today.

Discover how the eMarketers Club can help you get more of your emails opened and...

more importantly, links clicked.

Let me know what you think, leave your comments below.


  • Optimize Your From field
  • Use symbols and emojis
  • Use Attention Grabbing Subject Lines
  • Personalize
  • Avoid Using Spammy Wording
  • Be Entertaining
  • Email Often
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