In today’s world everyone receive more and more emails in their inbox. It’s becoming harder and harder to get your emails noticed, let alone opened. By doing lots of testing, I’ve been able to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

Below I have outlined 8 ways that are helping to get more emails opened.

1.) Make your “sender” or “from” field Standout

At one time have a business name worked, but this doesn’t seem to work. Using a personal name has become much more effective. This is probably due to people wanting to read messages from people, not from some business.

Combining the business name and the personal name appears to work well. This is especially effective when the business name is well recognized or implies a benefit.

For example, John Hart, Golf Instructor’ and ‘Shelly Long, Traffic Tips’ would both be informative and would probably work well.

2.) Optimize your “sender” field

If you have noticed, marketers are using symbols before and after their names in the ‘from’ field. This makes emails stand out, and it does seem to make a difference.

For example, ~John Hart~ tends to be opened more often than John Hart.

3.) Your Subject Line Needs to Pop

There have been products written on this how to write great subject lines. If you subject line doesn’t standout, then your email probably won’t get opened.

Here are some ideas for creating compelling headlines

Use a number: “7 Tips to Lose 5 pounds in a week”People love lists and having a number is eye catching.

Curiosity: “The Fried Banana method to Younger Skin”It’s hard to resist wanting to know more. Think about how TV shows, newspapers and magazines just use a hint, a cliffhanger.

Write as if you’re writing to a friend: “Hey” “What do you think?” “Okay?” “Last Friday” “See You Saturday” “Got it?”

Offer a big benefit: “Look 10 and Feel Years Younger With This…” This is similar to curiosity, people just have to know how you can provide the big benefit.

4.) Personalize the subject line

With everything else being the same, personalizing the subject line can increase your opens and click through rates. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

5.) Don’t use spam words

You know which ones I’m referring to: Cash, payment, money, credit, free, etc. Any of these words will land your email in the spam folder, and not many of these emails will get opened.

6.) Optimize the preview text

The sender can usually see the first line or two of your email. Make it short and interesting, relevant, and curiosity provoking.

7.) Be entertaining

No one wants to read boring emails. The more entertaining and interesting your emails are, the more likely your recipients will continue to open them.

8.) Send the email twice

Review your open rate and resend the email 8-12 hours after you send the first one. Send the email again to those who didn’t open your first email.  You may want to change the subject line a bit before sending.

Bonus tip: Be sure to email often. Depending your niche you should email once a day or more. Some niches may only require you send emails a couple times a week. Be sure to inform your recipients so they will know what to expect to avoid having them forget who you are. By being consistent, I’ve found they are more likely to recognize you and open your emails.

Let me know what you think, leave your comments below.

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