Are You Just Talking or Are You Listening Too?

Who are you talking to?

Are you listening or just talking?

Our world today is all about social media. People post about anything and everything.

Marketers are posting about offers, but…

are they listening?

In watching the activity in the Facebook group that I am in, I’ve noticed something quite interesting…

At least to me.

Who’s Paying Attention

You see, the private groups are for those that have a common interest. They are working in the same field and are looking for support and assistance.

In many cases, what is given in return are “Likes” and other Emojis, but there is no communication.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when a “Like” is all that is needed, but the are other times when a supportive comment or a kind word would go a long way. So, when we are online social media, are we talking to each other or are we just talking at each other?

email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead?

I have seen people talking about how email marketing has become more and more difficult. The open rates and click-thru rates are down and continue to drop.  Hmmm…

People today are inundated with emails…

Yes, this could be a part of the issue that marketers are talking about, but I think it’s only a small part of it.

If you have taken the time to look at the emails that marketers are sending out then you might understand why.

When you listen to so-called top marketers online, you will hear them say, you need to connect with your audience. You need to provide value when you are communicating with your audience.

What they send out though is just more and more promotions with little or no value at all.

Look at these headlines as an example:

What do you think is inside the emails?  That’s right, nothing but another sale pitch.  There isn’t an ounce of value in these emails, just pitch after pitch, after pitch.

The question has to be, is email marketing dying or is it the emails being sent are now be seen as nothing more than “Spam”

Again I ask, Are You Just Talking or Are You Listening?

If what I am seeing is what you are seeing and I have to believe it is, then I know you are doing the same thing I do.

These emails have become a nuisance, much like banner ads have become.

I’m not saying that all marketers are doing this, there are a few that I follow that offer value in almost every email.

Of course, there is usually a product being promoted there too.

But just by reading their emails, I gain good insightful information that I can apply without having to buy the latest gizmo or gadget that is going to make my life “SO PUSH BUTTON EASY”.

Is Blogging Dead?

I read a post the other day where the person said, my Blog is static. WHAT?

This person who I will assume is a pretty big marketer sees his blog as nothing more than a necessary evil…

Something that he has to have because it’s expected.  He felt the same way about his Facebook page.

You know, because using Message bots is all the rage and the only way you can reach people these days.  No one pays attention to my posts or my pages, so why bother.


I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but it appears that there is a whole lot of talking, but not much listening.


  • Listen to Your Audience
  • Email marketing is alive and well
  • Blogging is still working to connect with your audience

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