Too Many Words Lead to Confusion

Why are too many words confusing?

Today I want to talk about how easy it is to confuse your customer by using too many words.

I was on a WebEx call recently with a customer.

They were looking for help with setting up a product they had purchased from my company.

The customer has been working with another person in my company and a consulting firm. They were getting ready to deploy and thought they may need to make some adjustments to the configuration before rolling it out.

The first question they asked, was an easy one and I answered it right away.  It was an easy “No, you can’t do it that way.”

The conversation went on with the rest of the people on the call and for a time I just listened.

Finally, I spoke up. The approach they were taking was going to leave them vulnerable and I just had to say something. It was all good and well except, I used way too many words to explain the error of their ways.

This lead to confusion on their part and that brought on more questions.

What should have been a very short explanation turned into a long discussion. About ten or fifteen minutes later, I finally got to the point.

So, what the heck does this have to do with network marketing?

Have you ever gone to a Landing page that took an hour to read (Note: exaggeration alert), and still didn’t explain why you should be interested. After just a few seconds, you get confused and click away.

The same thing goes for a sales page. Now I know, the so-called experts tell you that the more words on a sales page the better. This may be true, let me ask you this…

How many times, have you just skipped to the bottom of the page to see the price?

Then and only then do you take the time to go back and skim the content to see whether it’s something that you might buy.

It’s important to tell your prospects what they need to know. What’s even more important is not using one word more than is needed.

When it comes to a landing page, if you can say it in ten words, don’t use fifteen.

If you are writing a sales letter, then only use as many words as you need to paint the picture that’s needed.

Get any of this wrong and confusion sets in with your audience and that spells failure.  This one thing can mean disaster for your offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lead page or a sales page.  When you get too wordy you are going down a rabbit hole to nowhere.

Understanding how to convey my message online is totally different than conveying to my customers in person and on the phone.  This is why I decided to hook up with someone who has the knowledge and expertise to help me make that all-important transition.

So, before you write your next blog post, create your landing page or write your sales letter, take the time to think about what you are trying to convey. Understand the exact point you are trying to get across and focus on sharing with only the words you need to make that point.

Remember, being a gabby Gus won’t win you any contests.  Besides, isn’t your main objective to make money online?

Let me know what you think, leave your comments below.


David Wakeman

P.S. Don’t forget it’s easier to get where you want to go when you have a guide or a roadmap.  To shortcut your learning process check out this free webinar.



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