Create Your First $300 Training
Course in Just 7 Days…

Even if you’re the worst procrastinator in the world, you can do this.

This method has been used to create all sorts of things, from a free bonus for an affiliate product, to a $1,000 training program.

Creating content and products is a major obstacle for most marketers because it takes so much time and effort.

But what if you had a way to create products – like an expensive training program – that you could finish in a week?

And better still, what if you got paid for them before they were even done?

Announce Your Intentions to the World

The first key is you need to have a committed, public DEADLINE.

If your deadline is public, then you will move heaven and earth to get it done – or at least that is what you should be prepared to do.

If you don’t, you’re in for public ridicule and embarrassment that will stick with you for what will seem like years.

On top of that, you are letting people down.

Sell it Before You Create It

The second thing you’re going to do is sell what you’re creating BEFORE it’s been created.

Tell people what you’re creating, then you tell them when it’s going to be available, and sell it before you make it.

And in the case of a training course, you’re going to create your product LIVE.

Then we will continue to sell the recordings as a product after the live event.

So, in a nutshell – decide what you’re selling. Tell the world what you’re selling and when it will take place and take orders.

Hold the live event, create the product and continue to sell it.

Of course, this works best if you are already good at something.

You already know the material and don’t need to do much additional research. If you do need to do research, then you will probably need to add a little time to the processor…

bring in an expert and work with them to deliver the training.

By using experts, you can cover any topic because no matter what your topic is, there is someone out there that can do the actual teaching for you –

you just split the profits with them.


We Will Assume You Are the Expert

Set a deadline, because, with a deadline and a hundred or so people depending on you to get your work done, you will get the work done. It’s that simple. They’ve put their money on you, and they believe in you.

You will not let them down, which ensures the training course you’re making – which would normally be finished in a month or two – is completed in a week’s time.

Deadlines are magic this way, regardless of whether or not you naturally procrastinate. Without a deadline, your work expands to fill the time. This doesn’t necessarily mean a better product – it just means it takes longer to make.

You can be surprisingly nimble with this method, getting products out fast on hot topics and things people want right now.

Urgency and Curiosity With Ease

Instead of writing a sales letter, write bullet points. Remember, you’re doing this FAST. Don’t write a giant sales letter, write the high points.

Tell them what they’re going to discover and how it’s going to benefit them through bullet points. Use curiosity, too.

You’re going to do a webinar. Create a PowerPoint with an intro and all of the major points.

Let people ask questions at the end because some of your very best stuff will come from the questions, stuff you didn’t even think of.

Cut up your recording into parts and sell it as a course. You’ll have an intro and each of the major points.

You might also what to get it transcribed and then edit the transcription to give your customers a written copy, too.

Selling your course BEFORE you make it gives you a DEADLINE. You’re telling people when they live event will happen.

You’re giving them a deadline, too, because they have to sign up before the deadline or they will miss the class.

Make it Evergreen

Once you hold the class, upload the webinar into the member’s area and give access to everyone who bought it.

Some people will make it to the live event, some won’t, but they all get access to the recordings.

If there is something you feel you can do better, go ahead and record it again.

Make a new recording of that section and replace it in the member’s section.

That’s the beauty of this system – you get it done fast, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you feel like it, you can go back and improve on it.

And if you omitted something, make a new recording for that, too.

What if you create one that tanks? It’s probably not going to happen using this system.

Just think about this, if you promote a product you’re going to create and no one buys, then you know not to waste your time making it.

Using this simple system, you get paid before you ever create your products, and you can crank products out faster than ever before.

Plus, you can sell the recordings for a long time to come.

Just imagine if you create a new product every few weeks.

In a year’s time, you could have 20 new products or more you can continue to sell, repurpose, use as bonuses, sell the rights to and so forth.

20 new launches, 20 new products, and 20 new revenue generators.

That’s 20 new income streams that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

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