Discover How to Sell More Affiliate Products Than Your Competition

It doesn’t matter what you are selling.

If you are an affiliate marketer then you have a ton of competition.


You are probably competing against dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliate marketers.

They are all trying to sell the same products you are.

So, just putting up banner ads all over the Internet is not going to attract much attention or sell much of anything.

Your banner ads are going to be ignored just like most commercials on TV.

You will inevitably lose out to your competition...

Because they are no longer using this old and worn out method.

Sell More Affiliate Products Than Your Competition

It sucks to be beaten by the competition. Who wants to be a mediocre affiliate anyway?

Stuck licking your wounds and counting your loses instead of your profits.

When you know and understand how to use the secrets super affiliates use, you can begin to outsell the competition.

So let’s start right now with these three tips top affiliates use every day.

Connect With Your Audience

Here’s what top affiliates are doing to energize their audiences. 

You see their focus isn’t on driving cold traffic to the vendor's sale page.

They start by driving traffic to their own lead pages.

They build a list, engage with this audience by providing value...

inject personality in their communications, and

then introduce subscribers to their affiliate links.

Many inexperienced affiliates see the process being used and try to mimic it. 

They will build lead pages and offer enticing lead magnets...

trying to get people to subscribe to their list.

Then they start sending out emails and promoting offers like crazy.

As a result, they see nothing, no engagement, no sales...

Nothing at all.  If anything they can hear the crickets coming from their list.

All that work for nothing.  So they scratch their head wondering what went wrong.

In most cases, the problem boils down to...

never building a relationship with the list. They never engaged the audience.

When someone joins your list it doesn’t mean they are now your best friend. 

You Must Build a Relationship

It doesn’t mean they trust you or will even open or read your emails.

The only people who will do that are your family and close friends.

Heck, they may not even open all of them.

For the people that subscribe to your list, you will need to gain their trust before you can expect them to open your emails on a regular basis.

This will take a bit of time and some work.  You want to start out by providing them with valuable content that is entertaining and educational. It doesn’t mean you have to be funny or anything like that.  Just don’t be boring like your college professor or high school teacher that talks in a monotone voice.

Have fun and share useful information that helps them find solutions to their problems.

More Ideas

Try giving them what they want.

Take the time to do market research to find out what issues your subscribers are trying to address, and then give them help.

Do some testing to see what they respond to, and then offer more information in that area so that you are helping them with the issues that are most important to them.

Hey, I have always been told to share my best stuff for free.

I know it sounds scary… Wooo…

You may be thinking if I give them my best material what will be left for me to promote.  

Believe me, you will have more and more to promote as you really begin to connect with your audience.

When they see what you are willing to share for free, and trust will naturally build and that will open the door for sales.

This will open up the reciprocity window, which tends to make your subscribers feel obligated and compelled to buy what you’re promoting.

Make sure you email them often, like every day.

Look, you can’t build a relationship with people by communicating with someone occasionally.  

They’ll forget you in a couple days if you don’t keep touching them with emails.

Again, offer them good valuable information that pertains to their issues, recommend good products that will help with the issues.

If you won’t use it yourself or recommend it to your mother or your best friend, then don’t recommend it to your list.

Build Excitement and Interest

By just putting a link in front of your audience... 

you are more than likely going to be ignored.

This is one of the quickest ways to the affiliate desert.

If you haven’t noticed, we are bombarded with emails and ads on a daily basis. 

I bet you are getting emails from 5 or 6, or more, marketers in your niche.  

Have you taken the time to read them?

You may actually see a pattern if you really pay attention to these emails.

Most of the marketers in your niche are probably just grabbing the swipe emails...

and throw them into an email and send them out.  

I see it every day!

If you plan to be a Super Affiliate...

you better take the time to go through all the different products in your niche, review them, and only recommend the very best products to your subscribers.

This is what your peeps want.

They are living busy lives, most probably have a day job and what they really want from you is for you to do their legwork. Review the product, give your honest opinion.  

Let them know the positives and the negatives about the product and then explain to them how it will make their lives better.  

How it will solve the problem or help with the issues they are currently faced with.

They want to know how you see the product and why they should spend valuable money on it.

Your readers want you to lead them.

They are really looking for you to do the heavy lifting and spoon feed them all the information about the product.

They want you to tell them that it’s a great product and will make their lives a little bit easier.

So all you need to do is presell the offer.

This means you send out a series of emails that cover all the benefits of the product.  

Approach it from different angles and handle your prospects most likely objections.

By doing this you warm the audience up to the offer.

They’ll ready to click the order button even before the sales page loads.

Add Value to the Offer

Remember you are competing against other marketers.

They are going to be peddling the same offer.

So to sell more than everyone else, you should be adding additional value to the offer.

What you want to do is put together a product or service that no one else can offer as a bonus to those who purchase the product through your affiliate link.

Make it something valuable and closely related to the original offer.  

You are sure to get people wanting to buy through your link.

As an example, if you are promoting a plugin or some software...

you might create a video or set of videos that explain how to install, customize, and use it for maximum benefit.

Depending on what the product is, you may even offer a service to set it up for them.

Maybe you are selling a copywriting course.

A great add-on would be a huge swipe file of headline templates and content that can be used for reference. Then offer it as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link.

I think you get the idea. Make it unique, something that can only be gotten when purchased using your affiliate link. 

Make is so valuable that they don’t want to buy from anyone else.

The most important thing is to make sure whatever additional bonuses you offer, they enhance the product you are promoting.

Heck, I have bought products for the bonus because the bonus was more valuable than the product and I wanted to get it. 

When you can do that, you have a virtual goldmine.

The three tips we have covered are not to be used alone

They should be used together as a team for maximum effect. 

Adding value to an offer isn’t worth if you put it in front of an unresponsive audience.

Taking the time to presell an offer to a list that isn’t opening your emails won’t work either.

And adding value to an offer doesn’t help if you’re not taking the time to presell the offer.

The point is, make sure you use these techniques as a set to get the most benefit from your efforts.

These are just three simple steps can really boost your conversion rate and there are plenty more where these came from.

To discover the tips and techniques that top affiliates use to build and run their own affiliate businesses, check this out: affiliateprofitsclub.com

You won’t find a better way to learn the truth about affiliate marketing.

Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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