Procrastination is a killer…

It kills your productivity.

It prevents you from being your best.

Stymies your creativity.

and so much more.

Why do we procrastinate?

Many will tell you they are happy with where they are in life.  A person might tell you that it’s out of their control, or

it’s the lot that life has handed them. Maybe you will hear them say, I’m too busy and don’t have the time.

You get the point. I’ve used these and others myself. So I speak from experience.

None of this is true…

The truth is all of this is nothing more than excuses to deflect the real reason.

Procrastination is nothing more than an attempt to hide your fear…



Fear Creates Procrastination

You may be thinking, “I’m not afraid of anything”

But, the reality is you are.

Fear comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes…

Here are just a few…

Afraid of failing

Fear of letting your family down

The concern of what your friends might think and say.

Afraid of success and what that will mean.

It could be that you are judging yourself against others.

I could never do that, I don’t know…

the talent, or skills.

Any of these are stirring in your subconscious and holding you at bay. You may not even realize it, but at least one of these has a hold of you and preventing you from truly putting your all into your life.

Guess what, everyone has had to overcome doubts at one point or another. Actors, singers, speakers and just about anyone you can think of have had these thoughts.

The difference is they pressed on even though they had their doubts. They didn’t allow that inner voice of negativity to prevent them from pushing forward.

You can do this too.

Overcome Procrastination

I can only speak for myself, but let me share with you how I have been able to overcome procrastination.

There came a day not too long ago that I realized that I was letting my dream slip away. For me, I want more than anything to have financial control of my life. Make sure that my wife and I didn’t have to depend on Social Security as our primary source of income.

As you get older, you start to have a different perspective. You realize that life has an expiration date; we just don’t know what it is.

It was at this point that I decided that the worse that could happen was nothing changed. I might fail at what I was trying, but otherwise, I would be where I was when I started.

I decided that what I wanted to do for my family was more important than suffering setbacks.  Who cares what anyone else thinks, it’s just their opinion anyway.

This has led me to make changes. To put me out there and risk failure, risk ridicule or anything else that would happen.

What I am not willing to risk is reaching my final days and look back and ask, “What if?”

I don’t want to reach the end of my life and feel like I didn’t give it my all. That I was too afraid to try.

That my friends scare me more than anything else that could happen.

This is my success, I have overcome procrastination because life is too short. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. You don’t know what your expiration date is.

My advice to you is to live every day like it’s the last and put it all on the line. Find something more important to you than all the fears you may have. Push on and make this your defining moment.

Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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