Don’t Make This Mistake When
Sending Emails to Your Audience

It was just fifteen years ago when it was easy to build a big list fast.

That’s because at that time email was a bit of a novelty to a lot of people.

At the time they would give their email address away in exchange for a free report or newsletter.

Your Audience Has Changed

Fast forward to today and things work a whole lot differently. Things have changed dramatically due to people being more engaged with email and more discerning in what they are willing to accept.

With so many emails being received in your inbox these days, people are less likely to engage with an email unless something is compelling in the subject and/or body to the email.

The problem is, there are still marketing courses being pushed that teach list-building strategies from 15 years ago.

There are even some new eBooks and courses that are teaching this rehashed garbage. The biggest reason for this is that many product creators have not need to build new lists and have not kept up with the changes.

This is a big part of the reason why new list builders today are making so many mistakes. One of the mistakes they are making is offering a low-quality lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

When you think about a lead magnet you should understand that you can’t offer anything, you need to offer something of great value.

Forget the PLR material that you have had for years, it’s not going to cut it. Forget trying to offer a resell rights report that has been being offered by every marketer in the niche.

Lastly, don’t waste your time offering a cheap low-quality eBook because you’re giving it away for free.

If you do use any of these methods, you’ll be looking at a very small unresponsive subscriber list while dreaming about five and six-figure lists. The profits you seek will end up in someone else’s bank account.

Let me share 3 tips with you for creating a lead magnet that attracts targeted prospects and gets them excited to join your list (and click on your links).

Give Your Audience What They Want

Give Your Audience What They Want

Make sure you are not guessing at what your target market wants.

Instead, take the time to do some market research and learn more about the pains that people in the niche are looking for solutions for.

The best way to get a good idea of what they want is to visit marketplaces like and

Check out what’s selling like crazy in your niche, and then create something similar to offer for free.

It’s a good bet that if your market is already shelling out money to buy a specific type of product such as a weight loss cookbook or a blogging guide, for example — then they’ll snap it up when you offer it for free.

Offer Products That People Will Refer to Regularly

The more often a subscriber uses your lead magnet product, the more they’ll see your branding, ads, and calls to action.

That’s why you’ll want to create a resource or tool that they’ll use more than once.

Examples include:

A Mind map

A Checklist

A Weekly Meal Planner

You should get the idea from these suggestions…

Maybe you have an eBook or report in mind. That’s good, just make sure this eBook or report includes information that people will refer to regularly.

You may want to make your offer a weight loss plan that includes a meal plan and some good recipes.


Make Your Lead Magnet Valuable

Make Your Lead Magnet Valuable

The first thing you need to do is make your lead magnet desirable and it should be valuable as well.

I recommend that your lead magnet should be something that would be able to sell for — $25, $50, $100 or more.

Many list builders make the mistake of using a cheap product as a lead magnet.

They believe that because they are giving it away, the product itself shouldn’t be worth much.

Realistically, you should be doing just the opposite. Make your offer so valuable that it will truly impress the person subscribing to your offer.

To truly impress you want to give away products that are even better than what your competition is selling.

This will not only boost your opt-in rate, but it will also improve your backend conversion rate too, as subscribers will be more inclined to buy what you’re selling.

Your lead magnet needs to live up to its name so that it attracts prospects.

But your lead magnet also needs to work hard for you to convert these prospects into cash-paying customers. If you use the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating lead magnets that build big lists.

Of course, what you’ve learned so far is just the tip of the list-building iceberg. If you want to know what the best email marketers in the world do to build big, responsive lists, then you’re going to want to click here: emarketersclub.

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  • The Internet has Evolved – Embrace the changes and take advantage of it.
  • Give Your Subscribers What They Want – Don’t assume that you know what this is. Do the research, the time invested will reward your efforts.
  • Offer a Lead Magnet Your Subscribers will Use Over and Over – The more useful your lead magnet is, the more your brand will be seen.
  • Make Your Lead Magnet Valuable – The more valuable your offer is the more impressed your subscriber will be and the more likely they will pay attention to what products you are promoting.

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