Mini Course Build for Your Success

Have You Ever Taken a Mini Course?

Did the course entice you to learn more or leave you lacking?

In our online world, connecting with people is challenging.


You need to keep your audience’s attention and provide value.

Many different techniques can be used, but…

Keeping your visitors engaged requires using something that is easy to consume, entertaining and informative.

Why Create a Mini Course?

By using a mini course you have the ability to be engaging, offer value and if done right,

have your viewers clamoring for more.

What’s better than when you have people that are hungry for what comes next?

When you are watching a TV show, do they give you the conclusion right away or…

leave you hanging for the next episode, waiting to see what is going to happen?

Types of Mini Courses

There are many different ways that you can deliver your mini course. I will cover a few below.

Email Mini Course – this method delivers content in a series of emails. Something along the lines of the 7-steps to something that pertains to your niche.  

You promise a solution for an issue that causes pain or concern in to people in that niche. If done properly, you can build a relationship while delivering value to those that have signed up to receive the content.

Audio Mini Course – the method is similar to the email version only done using audio content instead of written content. There are people that would rather listen to an audio than read an email. 

So, depending on your audience and their tendencies an audio course can be a great fit.

Video Mini Course – video is probably the most popular way of presenting your mini course. It’s a combination of visual and audible and...

you can include written content as part of the course.  By doing this you are hitting all the people consume information. 

If the content is good, you have virtually hit a home run with you visitors.

What Type of Content Works Best?

Again, there are a couple different approaches and thoughts on what content should be delivered in a mini course.

High Level Overview – This is a good approach when you are looking to peak their interest, but not ready to provide specific solutions. This is a good when you are delivering multiple products.

As an example: What is email marketing and How Can it Help You in Your Business?

Deep Dive – with the deep dive you are digging into a very specific part of the product that you are promoting. It’s a good way of grabbing their attention with value that hints to more in the product itself.

An example here would be: How to use create an effective squeeze page, or

how to use an autoresponder, i.e. GetResponse, Drip or AWeber.

You get the idea.

Mini Courses can be stacked as well. By doing this you can continue to provide value, grow your relationship with your subscribers and introduce additional products.

It’s a Win-Win for everyone.

What Formats Work Best?

We covered this a bit at the beginning…

Here’s a list of different ways to offer your mini course.

PDF Download – This is powerful and will last forever.

Blog Posts – they are different from a regular post.  Content is provided over multiple posts.
(Hint: Watch for one on my Blog soon.)

Video – We covered this one, but to clarify, this can be delivered in one video or over a series of videos.  (Hint: You may see this one soon too)

Private Facebook Group – I like this method… This method can go viral if done well.  Members of your private group invite their friends and contacts to join the group.

Teleseminar – you set up an audio delivery on the phone. There are a few services that you can use for free and even record the calls.  Check out freeconferencecall.com - this is just one. There are others.

There’s Skype, email, physical mailer and more.  Just use your imagination…

Find the method that best fits your audience and make it happen.  You can do this once and make it evergreen.  The sky's the limit.

I hope you found this informative and helpful. 

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and share with your friends and followers.


  • Mini Courses work best when they provide value and entertain at the same time
  • There are many different types of mini courses
  • Use Content that fits your audience and product
  • Choose the best format for your mini course based on your audience
David Wakeman

The creator of WPNoBounce, a WordPress plugin that reduces the bounce rate and improves visitor engagement on any website. Much of my time is spent learning new skills, reading, and helping others reach their goals and dreams. I love to play golf and enjoy spending time with family and friends. God is first and foremost the focus of my life and sharing the love and peace that I get from this is the most important thing that I do.

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