…that you can’t achieve in a year.

What happens when you give yourself a goal to do something in the next year?

You procrastinate. “A year? Heck, I think I’ll take a vacation first. I can work on that tomorrow – next week – next month.”

You put it off. And put it off.

And a year later… you are still exactly where you are right now, today.

But if you only give yourself 90 days, you’ve got to take action NOW. Not tomorrow.

Not later today.

But right now.

5-Year Plans

5 Year plans rarely work for anyone.

As I’m sure you are aware, things change quite a bit over a 12-month time.

So, when you think about 5 years you can expect that everything will change.

People function in 90-day chunks.

You can’t plan to lose 50 pounds in a year because…

you’re continually eating the wrong things.


Because you think you can always eat right later and exercise later.

But you can lose 25 pounds in 90 days.

Now you’ve got a close deadline, and you’ve got to get busy now.

And once you’ve lost those 25 pounds in 90 days, you can lose 25 more in the 90 days after that.

Let’s talk about your online business.

Can you ramp it up in a year?

This probably won’t work because the deadline is too far out.

You’ll do everything BUT work on your business.

But in 90 days?

You can build a website, build a list, create your first three products, recruit a couple of dozen affiliates and do a joint venture or two.

And that’s just the start.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork in the first 90 days, you can level up and leverage what you’re already done.

Maybe you make an average of $2,000 a month during your first 90 days.

But now you have products, affiliates, a growing list, a growing reputation, a name for yourself and people who trust you and want to do deals with you.

Do you think you can earn a whole lot more in your second 90-day period?

You bet you can.

Decide what you want and then focus on just doing that thing.

Don’t get distracted.

Don’t buy the stuff you don’t need or spend time on things that don’t take you to where you’re going.

Break your 90-day goal up into 30-day increments.

Where do you need to be 30 days from now to achieve your goal?

Where do you need to be 60 days from now?

FocusYou’re looking at one big goal with two checkpoints along the way to make sure you’re on track.

Focus on this goal for 90 days. Will you do that for yourself? For your family? For your future?

The takeaway:

Ask yourself – where do you want to be in 90 days?

What do you have to do to get there?

And are you willing to do it?

Decide what you want.

Write it down.

Make a plan to accomplish it in 90 days.

And then just do it – in 90 days.

Let me know what you think, leave your comments below.


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